So it has been a while since I've written anything on here so I thought I'd do so.  

Lately I've been really busy at work and not in a good way.  My two bosses are clashing together and yours true is smack dab in the middle of it, being pulled in both directions.  I'm not sure when this will end but I can't wait for the weekend to be here so I can rest my nerves from this.

I've been reading a lot lately which is a good thing, it calms me.  I've been reading a bit about Ogam, and next it will be Runes.  I'm trying to figure out which system to use (I'm leaning towards Ogam since I did try Runes a while ago and they kind of hated me).  I read McManus's book and right now I am reading Erynn's book, next up will be Skip Ellison's book, though if it uses the tree Ogam I'm probably going to go with Erynn's system and tweak it for my use...  I'm also thinking of writing an article on Ogam for my site...

Lately I've also been playing with the courses at NOD, tweaking them and in some cases re-writing them...a bored Maya is not a good thing I guess lol.


Beltaine Ritual 2012

I decided that I was going to leave the Fire festivals as is and use the ADF COoR structure for the other four festivals, so this ritual was pretty much what I was used to doing.

I decided that I wanted my ritual to start at sunset so that I could be at home by 11:00 pm, since my husband can’t stay with me in the desert today as I had originally planned (they changed his schedule at work).  I got to the desert just before sunset and got busy setting up my altars and getting everything ready for my ritual.  Then I grounded and centered and just as the sun set I started my ritual.

The ritual itself went very well.  I was using my own structure so I was pretty comfortable and relaxed doing it.  My sacrifice consisted of raw milk, raw meat and homemade cheese, all of which came from my father - in - law’s homestead.  I usually use the Beltaine ritual to renew my contract with my household Gods and this ritual was no different.

I don’t take omens per se, but today something happened which has never happened to me before.  As I was performing the ritual there were three beautiful house crows that came and perched on the tree which I has my altars set up against.  They sat there watching me until I finished, and then they took the meat off the offering plate (I had made the meat as an offering to An Morrigan and Lugh specifically).  I watched them fly away, then circle back and perch on the same tree again for a little bit then fly away again.  I got the feeling that my contract and my ritual were accepted.

I usually meditate after the ritual and during my meditations I ask questions, my question this time was whether it was time for me to try my hand at divination again and the impression I got was that it was time for sure.  

During the whole time I was at the ritual site I kept feeling contentment, like I was welcome there.  The weather is getting hot here but once my ritual started a nice cool breeze started with it too, and I felt like the spirits of the land were telling me to carry on. 

You may find my ritual on my website:


A personal update

It has been a long few weeks.  A little over three weeks ago, I started a course at work which lasted for three weeks.  I would go to the course for three days then go into work for three days and every time I'd go into work I'd find a ton of paper work, and a disaster to mop up.  It got to the point where I was dreading leaving work on the final day for the weekend.  I finally finished the same course last week and passed it, fat lot of good that is going to do with the rumors I heard at the ministry about our stations being handed over to International companies to run.  We even had a few of them coming over to look over the stations to make offerings, and we were forced into helping them.  How disgusting is that.  Still having a Kuwaiti citizenship means they cannot fire me.  I might be stuck behind a desk though until I retire still taking the same pay check as I am now lol...

This week started out good, Sunday passed without incident.  However, today my uncle's wife died.  She has been sick for a year now and this last month it was bad.  Her whole body shut down one organ at a time.  Death was really a release for her.  In Islamic fashion she was buried right away after being washed, and it was us (her immediate family) that washed her, and wrapped her in her Kafan (a white lenin which is all she is buried in according to Islam) Now we sit for three days in her house and people come in to give their condolences.  Today was the first of the three days.

One test down...two more to go

So today is the last day of the first course (out of three) I'm doing for my work.  I'm glad it is over.  It was boring, and the people taking the course with me were really stupid, and kept asking the same questions over and over.  What we could have taken in one day was stretched out to three, and they were surprised when the test came and there was stuff on there they didn't know.  The professor distinctly told them what was not covered in class had to be read and studied at home.  I used my break time to ask questions and get clarifications.  As a result I was the first one to hand in my test paper.  The professor looked it over and told me that on the surface I seem to have done very well, if not a perfect score...So for that I am grateful.  Unfortunately, those people are also the same ones for the next two courses, but I don't have to worry about that until next Sunday.  

Tomorrow I go into work and for the next two days I need to catch up with the work that probably piled up from the last three days.  Plus I have a meeting tomorrow...sigh...


So today I've not done much beyond go to my course (from work) and come back have my workout then eat like a pig.  I seem to eat when I'm bored or depressed and for a while I've been bored, and today I'm depressed.  

I can't seem to get beyond the bored phase no matter how much stuff I do...The only time I'm at peace is when I workout, when I am praying or making offerings and when I am meditating.  Unfortunately they only take up a tiny portion of my day and the rest is just boredom and depression....

Not sure what to do...

New page up at Celtic Scholar's World

This page is inspired by the many different conversations that were sparked on Facebook.  I realized that though some people might use the same words they might mean something else by them and so I decided to put up this page to let everyone reading my website know how I use them.  I’m also going to put their straight forward definitions.